A long time ago

Long ago, that was a planet whit happiness & joy, until a moment where three evils came from an unknown planet whit an U.F.O to the main planet.

When the 3 Evils come to this planet they destroy all the happiness that haved the habitants.

The 3 Evils send some evil emotions to the planet.

The 3 Evils goes to a main place the village where 6 villagers lived whit a gigantic magical bird & at this time the 3 Evils was crached  whit their U.F.O by a laser light that the Magical Bird have sent.

Then the Magical Bird have maked the laser light to the 3 Evils, they founded into a secret place in the underground of the planet.

Few years ago

The 3 Evils make for a lot of days their own place the cavern.

Few months ago

Once the cavern finished, the 3 Evils explore the planet for capturing things or make bad to the inhabitants.

Before the 3 Evils goes for their adventure, they’re hiding somewhere for that the Villagers don’t see them & goes for  take off a brick from the Living Well.

This precious Living Well is one of the places from the cave of the 3 Evils.

The 3 Evils goes to the forest for stopping the Oracle’s therapy & capturing the Oracle to a book & make the Oracle’s Fellows sad.

To an other side they make scared the Musical Instruments & their Little Conductor metaforming  their music to a bad piece.

After the 3 Evils they are  trying to break the Robot-Hotel.

Into another front in the forest, they make scared the Fellow-Ghosts of the Magician.

Then, the 3 Evils goes near to the Fisher-Man for tearing he’s own flag on he’s boat.

The 3 Evils goes to the abyss for scared the sea creatures.

They go up to the cave & send all bad possible things to the Metaform Triangle.

The 3 Evils go back to the cavern, they saw an evil guy, but it’s not an evil one he just want to have a job, the job is to be a guard for the 3 Evils’s cavern for anyone goes to the cavern.

The 3 Evils know that there are somebody who live into a house near the village.

The 3 Evils thinks that there are a neighbour near the 6 Villagers & is a freind of the Villagers.

Few days ago

One of the 3 Evils decided to make a mail for the Villagers’s neighbour.

Once the mail finished, One the 3 evils give the mail to the Mechanical Bird for send the mail.

Who’s the Villagers’s neighbour? Is Oplos.

During the game

The Mechanical Bird send the mail to Oplos’s home.

Once the mail was sent, Oplos see the mail & goes to he’s freinds the Villagers into the village.

At this time, One of the 3 Evils is hidden into the Living Well where Oplos going.

Once Oplos is arrived in the village, he show the mail to the Villagers.

At this time, One the 3 Evils break Oplos’s home.

One of the 6 Villagers tried to help somebody near Oplos’s home.

This Villager go to the village for infrom Oplos & the Villagers that have a big problem.

This one of the Villagers he’s decided to make a pause in the village.

Oplos & the 5 Villagers remaining goes to Oplos’s home breaked.

The villagers know a dance for invock the rain.

Once the fire stopped, one of the Villagers go to infrom the Villagers & Oplos that have an other problem in the village.

Oplos & the Villagers goes to the village & see that the Magical Bird has faded away.

Oplos request the Villagers to repair he’s home .

All the 6 Villagers tell to Oplos to saving the Magical Bird & then repair he’s home.

Oplos get start he’s quest in the forest where he saw the Oracle’s home where the Oracle’s Fellows are around a table.

Oplos request to the Oracle’s Fellows where is the Oracle.

One of the Oracle’s Fellows reply that the Oracle was capturing somewhere.

Oplos have find where the Oracle is.

Oplos tell to the Oracle’s Fellows for invoke him into the book where the Oracle is.

Oplos is now into the book & he have to find the Oracle.

Oplos have saved the Oracle.

Oplos + the Oracle are outside the book

Oplos request where is the Magical Bird from the Villagers to the Oracle.

The Oracle reply the whole thing what was happening with the Magical Bird & what’s changed to the planet.

The Oracle transform the book to a real thing.

Oplos continue he’s adventure in the forest to the cave where he will meet the Musical Instruments,the Robot-Hotel,the Magician & the Metaform Triangle & discoverd that there are Evils who’s invasive the planet.

Before the end

Oplos is arrived into the cave where he will solve the problem that have the metaform triangle & trying to go in 3 Evils’s carvern protected by the Guard.

Oplos will think that is an evil guard.

Oplos request if he can go in cavern & the guard take off he’s mask for ask that the 3 Evil’s carvern is so dangerous.

Oplos have find a secret hole where he will finally go up.

Oplos is find him to another well.

Oplos go near the Living Well but, the Living Well can’t speak because is have a block taked off.

Oplos will find the block missing from the Living Well.

Once Oplos have find the block missing, the Living Well can finally speak.

Oplos request the Living Well for going to the cavern in the underground.

The Living Well tell to Oplos that there are things to make warning in the cavernOplos go in the 3 Evil’s cavern & meet the 3 Evils.

Oplos & the 3 Evils give themselves challenges.

The end

The Oracle come into the 3 Evils’s cavern & stop the 3 Evils.

The Oracle request to Oplos to help him capturing the 3 Evils.

The Oracle make disappear the 3 Evils away the planet.

The Oracle know where is the key for saving The Magical Bird in the cage.

The Magical Bird request to Oplos for save him for going to the village.

Oplos save the Magical Bird & finally the Magical Bird can go in the village.

The Magical Bird turn back to the village.

All the 6 Villagers are happy for that the Magical Bird are back again.

Oplos go back to the village & the Villagers thank him for get a long adventure & saving their Magical Bird.

Oplos request now for repair he’s home to the Villagers & the Villagers come with Oplos for repair he’s home.

Once Oplos’s home repairing, Oplos brusts of mood for he’s home.

Oplos & the 6 Villagers go to the village for make a party for the Magical Bird & their all happiness.

Elias In Albon